TeleYemen Launches Wholesale SMS Services in Yemen with Support from telXira

The launch enables local businesses to deliver world-class wholesale SMS services across Yemen with a simple and seamless experience.

Sana’a, Yemen, 18th January 2022 – TeleYemen, the exclusive provider of international telecommunications for Yemen, has launched wholesale SMS services with the support from telXira, a global business messaging provider based in Switzerland. The launch enables organisations and service providers to deliver world-class wholesale SMS services across Yemen with a simple and seamless experience.

telXira has supported the TeleYemen team through the development of its SMS offering, from platform deployment to service delivery. The end-to-end SMS platform will support the long-term growth of TeleYemen’s SMS services and enable the company to innovate and evolve with new products and features.

“The launch of our SMS services is a true milestone for TeleYemen and telXira has played a critical role in making our vision a reality. By incorporating business messaging into our offerings, we’re helping local businesses reach wider audiences and broaden their communications with new success rates,” said Rasheed Almohallel, Tariff and Traffic Officer at TeleYemen. “The telXira team provided excellent support end-to-end and have helped to make the rollout of our SMS services seamless. This is the next evolution of our business and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future brings.”

TeleYemen has been the sole licensed provider of the international telecommunication services in Yemen since 1972. In 2004, TeleYemen became a 100% fully state-owned entity with 75% of shares owned by PTC and 25% owned by the Yemeni Post & Post Saving Corporation. TeleYemen is committed to continuously developing its International Telecoms Gateway to cope with the growing demands of international voice and data services.

“It has been great to be part of TeleYemen’s journey and deliver an SMS platform that will transform its business and support its customers across the country,” said Ellen Velickovska, Managing Director at telXira. “We took time to listen, understand, and provide a solution that combines the power of our platform with the knowledge and experience to make business messaging successful for TeleYemen. We are proud to support TeleYemen and play a key role in evolving the communications landscape for businesses in the country.”

telXira makes it simple, efficient and easy to meet customers’ business goals with business messaging. Whether it is indirectly via service provider partners or directly to enterprises, telXira provides the insights and guidance to get started in business messaging and an intuitive platform for optimising and growing business messaging in the long-term.

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