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telXira offer tailored enterprise solutions to the carrier and operator market matching complex commercial requirements with exactly the right technical solutions.We have the platforms and the know how you need to launch yourselves a successful business.

Our white labelled enterprise and wholesale platforms create the opportunity for you to streamline your existing SMS business or tap new revenue streams.

We offer you a fast time to market, and support from a dedicated team who will help you navigate the world of SMS.

telXira mobile

Tailored retail and enterprise Messaging solutions. All you need for your business to take off.

Love it or hate it there is a good chance your phone is close to you right now. Everyone is addicted to their phone. SMS marketing is one of the most efficient and effective tools available. About 95% of SMS are read within 3 minutes.

We can help you define the right way to connect our systems and make the most from SMS.

Let telXira support you in developing the right solution for your messaging business.  
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