WhatsApp For Business’ API – What You Need To Know

WhatsApp For Business’ API – What You Need To Know

“WhatsApp – fast, simple and convenient with 2 Billion monthly users across 180 countries and in up to 60 languages. Since unveiling their API (Application Programming Interface), the buzz surrounding WhatsApp is as loud as ever and here’s why…

1. Its Ability To Aid Customer Relationship Management

Great Customer Relationship Management is the holy grail for a business. How can WhatsApp help to deliver great CRM and Retention?

Your Company Information All In One Place.

WhatsApp for Business allows you to create a ‘Business Profile’ which can include helpful information such as your address, business description, email address, and website.

Quick Replies.

Want to make sure you provide great customer service on every occasion? Do you need to come back to a conversation later? Save your go-to responses to ensure consistency. This tool allows you to effectively and efficiently communicate with your customers and track the communication history.

Multimedia Communications

Photos, videos, documents, slideshares and more… brands have the freedom to be creative with their conversations in WhatsApp for Business with the introduction of an API. Move beyond a simple text or email; you can send documents of up to 100MB so it’s easy to get over what you need to who you want”

(Source: WhatsApp, 2020)