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July 2020

telXira launch ‘the messaging school’. We make sense of messaging. Browse through everything you ever wanted to know about messaging in our school time, listen to in depth webinars, or bring yourself up-to-date on market trends. It’s all here, waiting for you.

June 2020

Listen to telXira’s Managing Director Ellen talking about the launch of the messaging school and future trends in the messaging industry.

June 2020

Ellen, the founder of telXira joined the prestigious carrier community panel to discuss the enterprise messaging market and what we can do to help enterprises take the most effective decisions.

May 2020

Do you wish you could keep your customers closer to you ? Are you using SMS ? Make the telXira platform yours, keep your customers engaged and optimise your business.

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Did you know that messaging is exploding? Make our solutions yours and get your customers engaged.

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The possibilities with messaging are endless. Have you got an SMS proposition for your customers. Either as a Reseller or direct to Enterprise?

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Do you have a messaging solution for your customers? Have you got a huge untapped potential either in your client of supplier base?

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December 2019

telXira’s platform allows Coolwave to enter the SMS Virtual Number market, 2 services Voice and SMS: 1 Number.

November 2019

Telia fight their way into sms with a little help from telXira and launch their Telia Carrier Hub.

September 2019

Introductory Webinar
Learn more about SMS, start today and join our free Webinar.

May 2018

telXira are proud to be a Nexmo Partner, offering campaign services to Nexmo clients.

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