so what’s the future?

telXira can tell you everything you need to know to get yourself started in messaging. We will get you on the road to success. Let us do the work for you.

Are you looking for more information on messaging, have a look at our messaging school and find everything you need to know about messaging.

Free Webinar

An Introduction to Messaging
  • Why SMS?
  • Who is using SMS?
  • Why is it such a growth market?
  • What does the enterprise messaging market look like?
  • What can I offer on the wholesale market?
  • Can I make money from SMS?

Run on a quarterly basis.

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Live interactive

on line Workshop
  • The development and Growth of A2P messaging.
  • How does SMS differ from voice?
  • How does Routing and Pricing work in SMS?
  • Identifying opportunities in SMS, where’s the unique advantage?
  • Do bi-laterals and trades exist in the world of SMS?
  • Locking down and monetizing a network
  • Where’s the future of messaging?

Supplementary Modules

covered in the full day Workshop
  • New messaging mediums, Whats app, RCS.
  • Number management and premium SMS
  • What do I need to know when I start working with SMS?
    • The technology of Messaging: DLRs, Gates, Bind, Hops.
    • Monitoring SMS, delivery, queuing, protocols.
    • The SMS Hub
  • Who’s who in SMS

Whats on offer:

  • Free Introductory Webinar.
  • Live interactive on line Workshop.
  • Private* half day** workshop.
  • 1 day** Workshop.

*Private Workshops can be tailored to your requirements, For example: Sales, Technical, Finance, etc.

**Half day & full day Workshops can be done on line or in person. Travel expenses / time will be charged additionally as required.

so what’s the future?

telXira and our solutions will be there to support you no matter where the future of messaging and communication takes us.